The Good Life Kete

The Good Life Kete is a knowledge basket of information, practical tools, and inspirational stories to help people with disability, their whānau, and wider support networks work towards a good and ordinary life. We believe that a good life is made up of the typical things that typical New Zealanders value and enjoy, like a good education, loving relationships, and a home of one’s own. A good life is an ordinary life rich in everyday experience!

We place high value on people having access to accurate and up-to-date information, available in a range of accessible formats, and think it is crucial for pursuing the good things in life. Through knowledge sharing and building, we hope this kete helps people with disability and their whānau create ordinary opportunities that lead to fulfilling, unique, socially inclusive and empowered lives and communities.

An important part of the kete is the inspirational stories from people with disability and their whānau. We believe sharing stories from people who have imagined, planned for, and achieved the good life can help inspire others to try and imagine better for themselves, their whānau, and the wider community. The experiences, wisdom and voices of other families is an important resource in the search for the good life.

We have included resources relevant to people living in Aotearoa New Zealand, and where appropriate have sourced material from around the world. We think that cultural context, and the unique traditions, practices and values specific to New Zealanders are important to think about in relation to the good life. The kete therefore aims to provide culturally responsive support, resources and stories that recognises the diverse and differing needs of our communities.

The kete will continue to grow and change, reflecting the development of knowledge, research and lived experience that informs us about how we can live our best lives possible. By following the links you can access and see where the resources have come from, read around the topic in more details, and importantly continue your own research.

We hope the kete helps you and your whānau go get the good things in life!

Kete Contents