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The Plan from imagining to reality

The basic idea is to start with a big vision, overflowing with possibilities and then break it into achievable bite-sized pieces. All plans are different because people’s ideas about what makes a good life is different. Having a plan that is written down is an easy… Read More

Person-directed Planning

Person-directed planning is exactly as it sounds: the person directs the planning process. We think it’s important to put time aside to think deeply about family and friends, dreams, talents, passions and interests, favourite activities or hobbies, special possessions, and celebrations or anniversaries. The goals you set for… Read More

The Natural Authority of Whānau

Whānau hold a unique position in most people’s lives. Families know a person’s history, can help interpret their needs, and have knowledge about how to meet those needs. They know the ordinary routines of daily life, important traditions and values, as well as the expectations around the conditions… Read More

Online Communities

Social networking sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, are examples of online communities. People use social networking sites for a range of reasons, including socialising with and making new friends, connecting with family, looking for work, entertainment and playing games, education and online learning, participating in civic life,… Read More

Building my Tribe – Circles of Support

Members of a Circle of Support walk alongside a person with disability and/or their whānau because they want to help them with their journey towards a good life.People belong to Circles of Support not because it’s their ‘job’ but because they care about the person or people involved. They… Read More


Friendships that are freely given, and built upon mutual respect and trust help people feel safe and secure, and provide opportunities for personal growth and development. They give people the capacity to achieve their hopes and dreams! All friendships are unique. Different friends meet different needs,… Read More